light sensor for blind and shade motors

Light Sensor For Shade Motors - PART 2: Assigning Radio Motors

light sensor for blind and shade motors

In part 1 we discussed the layout and controls of the MCGS-1-RF wireless window mounted light sensor.

It can be used to activate our radio equipped blind and shade motors using a digital RF (Radio Frequency) control signal.

In part 2, we will see how to link the light sensor transmitter to the receiver of a radio motor (or a group of several motors).

You can think of this unit as a one channel remote control, and you can assign an unlimited number of motors to it, as you can with any remote.

At this point the button battery should be inserted into the battery compartment, and the light sensor unit powered up.

Please note that the + side of the battery should face up. An LED should light up if you press any button on the control face of the unit.

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Assigning a Radio Motor to the Sun Sensor:

These instructions assume that you have set up your motor on some other remote control 'master'. If you have not done that, please look at the instructions on this page:

Setting a Master Channel

The instructions above refer to our 15 channel remote used with a battery motor, and you may have a different remote and/or motor, but the instructions are esssentially the same. If you prefer, please refer to the instructions that came with your equipment in the shipping email message.

You can very simply clone the motor assignment from a remote control to the sun sensor. Here is the cloning procedure:

  • Make sure the master REMOTE is set to the master channel you want to clone; the next actions must be completed within 4 seconds of each other:
  • Press and release the P2 button TWICE on the MASTER REMOTE that holds the master channel you want to clone, the motor will beep once and jog each time.
  • Press the P2 button on the SUN SENSOR (see picture above), the motor will beep 7 times and jog.
  • At this point, you are finished - the sun sensor will control the motor, and the travel limits will not be changed. You can push the UP button on the sun sensor to test it.
  • Please Note: Wait 10 seconds for programming cycle to complete before you clone another channel.

Here is the 'un-cloning' procedure:

  • Follow the exact same instructions as above, the only difference is that the motor will beep 5 times and jog to indicate channel was removed from the sun sensor.

The process is the same for any other motor you want to assign to the sun sensor.

Sunlight sensors for blinds and shade motors can be purchased in our online store, click here to view in a new window

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We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!