how to install blind motor brackets

how to install blind motor brackets

FAQ: Can you show me how to install mounting brackets for my roller blinds?

Our standard series motors are designed to fit industry standard Rollease® style 1.5" tubing. In this article, we'll show you how to install the mounting brackets for the motors. You will need to allow 3/4" on each side of the tube for mounting bracket clearance.

If you are doing a retrofit, you would remove the clutch mechanism from one end, where you are going to insert the motor. You may also be able to use the existing idler mounting at the other end of the tube, or you may prefer to use the one supplied with the motor, as discussed below.

Note that the motors can be permanently programmed (with the remote) to operate normally in either direction, so you can choose whichever end you prefer (see blind and shade motor programming instructions).

1. Overview of the parts:

Please Note: When you are setting up the positions for your mounting brackets, please consider what the full roll width will be, to ensure that your fabric does not scrape any window handles or other protrusions that could damage the fabric finish. When testing, please unroll the shade in incremental steps, checking carefully for any interaction between the fabric and the wall or window handles.

The motors just slide into the standard Rollease® style tubing, locked into place by the internal splines extruded into the tube. The cylindrical motor housing of the tubular motor remains stationary and is locked to the mounting bracket with a tab. Please notr that our battery and low-standby models have a star shaped hole, instead of a slot, and the tab on the bracket is larger.

If you are using your own tubes with a smooth inside surface (no locking splines), you can still lock the drive wheel adapter to the tube with a setscrew. This is not necessary if you have purchased our custom shades because the tubing does have the internal locking splines.

If you are interested in a custom shade package, please see our dedicated custom shade website here:

At the other end of the tube, a rubber idler wheel cap is inserted into the mounting bracket and held in place by a hinged locking clasp, then the assembled idler cap with bracket attached is inserted into the tube; the idler rotates freely with the tube (see pictures in sections 2 and 3 below).

The idler shaft has a cut-out channel machined into it that allows the idler wheel to slide into place on the bracket, and the mounting bracket for that end has a swivel clip that locks the axle for the idler into a slot on the bracket.

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2. Tube end view showing tab detail where it locks into motor slot:

how shade and blind motors are locked to mounting bracket tab

3. Tube end view showing idler locked into mounting bracket:

how to install tube end idler for blinds and shades

more information about DIY tubing and pipe for roller shades

Our "Mini" series fits existing retail blinds that have an inside roller diameter of around 3/4" (20mm) or more. Here is an article about retrofitting roller blinds from Home Depot with our Mini motors:

retrofit existing roller shades from Home Depot

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!