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  Bulletin - 3 Levels of Blind, Shade, & Window Control 

Level 1 - RollerTrol™ Simple Remote Controls: We designed our system so that you can start out with our simple wall mount and hand held remotes for our shade/blind motors and skylight/window openers, then upgrade later to a more advanced system. Your investment is preserved as any remotes you purchase will still work, even if you upgrade to level 2 or 3 later. The remote control signals will be 'learned' and used by the higher levels of automation (see our blind & shade automation guide).

Level 2 - BroadLink® RF-IR Blaster Automation Hub: See our affordable blind and shade hub, operated by Android and IOS apps. This RF-IR blaster hub can learn RF radio signals for our blind motors and skylight/window openers and IR learning for TV. Convert old phones and tablets into WiFi home automation controllers! You can also add support for voice control systems such as Alexa® and Google Home®.

Level 3 - Z-WAVE® Blind Automation: This protocol is often used in home automation systems. We have a Z-Wave interface for roller shade and blind motors, and Z-Wave control of our skylight and window opener systems. You can also use Alexa® and Google Home®.

Mermet® Custom Shades: For those of you wanting a more complete solution, we are also offering high quality shade and blind fabrics from Mermet®, mounted on standard tubing. Our motors just slide in and lock in place - no fuss no muss! Please check our Custom Blinds and Shades website for info.

Please note, this page is for our radio-equipped roller shade motors and window/skylight openers:

If you have our newer Series G tubular motors and external receivers, please use this motor instructions link:

Instructions: Series G motors and receivers

The Series G motors use a unique digital radio system, and all Series G motors and other devices have the letter G in the part number (SKU).

We developed these for our greenhouse division, and they are more robust because they have to handle the higher temperature and humidity extremes of the greenhouse environment. They have worked out so well that we have decided to use them in domestic sales too, at the same price.

We have hand-held remotes, wall mount timers and switches, sun sensors and other accessories that work directly by radio RF control that can reach anywhere in a typical home.

We also have home automation interfaces for them that can be added at any time, so that you use phones and tablets to control them (Z-wave, etc.).

If you have our older Series R tubular motors, please use this motor instructions link:

Instructions: Series R motors

If you have our Window/Skylight openers with wired wall switch, please use this actuator instructions link:

Instructions: Window/Skylight openers with wired wall switch

Here are some other topics:

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!