single hung and double hung sliding window motors

Our RollerTrol™ 12 volt motors for single hung and double hung windows are very safe, with no 120 volt AC shock hazard. These are perfect for DIY (Do It Yourself) installation, with either our RF remote control version, or our manual switched type (with polarity reversal).

The 20 lb opener unit has an adjustable stroke: 4" (100mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm).

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We are a factory-direct outlet, specializing in home and office automation of 12v window, skylight and blind motors. We also manufacture custom shades and blinds, with fabrication facilities in New York and Chicago (we ship anywhere in the USA and Canada).

If you have one of our RollerTrol™ slider actuators (pictured here), these instructions are for you (remote control and manual switched version):

single hung and double hung window motors

Please note that these sliders are always CUSTOM ORDERS, so that you can control exactly how much you want your window to open.

Here is a short video showing how these sliders work as single hung window motors. Please note that this video shows how we can "mirror" the actuators, so that you can mount the openers on either side of the window, if these windows are sticky (or stuck):

2 Types of Brackets For Our Slider Actuators

There are 2 types of brackets included with our slide actuators.

The first one is a u-shaped square bracket with 2 swivel bolts that attach the bracket securely. Please note that these are special "swivel" bolts that have a smooth landing, allowing the bracket to swivel.

The other type is a frame mount (with screw hole), intended to be used for single/double hung windows with a frame on either side. You can use which ever suits you better (all bolts are #6 metric).

single hung and double hung window motors   single hung and double hung window motors

4 Types of Controls For Our Slider Actuators

There are 4 types of controls that can be used with our window motors.

The first one is our RF REMOTE CONTROL (shopping cart category link), with an excellent range that will go through 2x4 walls with sheet rock cladding.

The second one is controlled by a THERMOSTAT and RF REMOTE CONTROL (coming soon).

The third method of control is by Z-WAVE and RF REMOTE CONTROL. Here is a link to our Z-WAVE chain actuator shopping cart link, but SLIDERS can also be adapted to work via z-wave.

The fourth method is our "non-remote" SWITCHED type that can be used with our simple DPDT switch for polarity reversal (shopping cart link). Also, here is a page about wiring the DPDT switch.

You can also our WIRED WALL SWITCH (shopping cart link) that has an interface for controlling it remotely. Please note that this switch is appropriate in warehouse settings, but it DOES NOT FIT into a standard wall switch box.

1. Remote Control Type

If you have any of our remote control KITS (shopping cart category link), they come with our standard 5 channel remote (and AC to DC power supply). The first 3 actuator control types require the RF remote control addition (window opener part number WS12v-R):

5 channel remote control + ALL

The length of the SLIDER with Remote Control is Stroke + 310mm.

2. Thermostat and Remote Control Type

This Kit comes with a 12 volt thermostat (coming soon) that controls the temperature. It has 2 dry contact relays that control heating and cooling, and this can be applied to any of our actuators with remote control, including SLIDERS and louvers.

single hung and double hung window motors

3. Z-WAVE and Remote Control Type

Any of our actuators can be controlled by Z-WAVE and RF remote control - please see this page for (Z-Wave instructions.

zwave single hung and double hung window motors

4. Switched Type

This actuator requires our non-radio version (window opener part number WDS12v-NR) for control by switch. The window opener is identical with the RF radio type, except for a slighly longer version to accommodate the remote control (SLIDER without Remote Control is Stroke + 270mm).

Please note: The 20 lb opener unit also has an adjustable stroke: 4" (100mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm).

We have 2 different types of switches:

1. Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)

This is a very simple switch that will control your non-radio actuator (by polarity reversal).

single hung and double hung window opener switches

Here is the link to our shopping cart for the simple toggle switch.

We also have a more complex switch that has an (optional) automation interface. You can also use this switch to control the actuator with buttons (UP/DOWN/STOP):

single hung and double hung window opener switches

Here is the link to our instructions for the wired wall switch.

A Word About Solar

We are often asked about battery power and solar charging for actuators, especially for those hard to reach areas (like skylights).

Yes, you can use a 12 volt battery with a small float charger and/or solar power. We suggest that you use a deep cycle battery for this purpose. If you are using solar power to charge the battery, we suggest at least a 50 watt unit.

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced systems; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!