ZWAVE motor control for motorized blinds, shades, drapes, window openers and skylights, etc

Legacy Page Bulletin for Z-Wave Motor Control

Z-WAVE is used in many new home automation systems, and we are announcing our new Z-Wave group controller for bottom-up window shades, skylight shades, 12v RV motorhome shades, blackout shades, window openers and regular custom blind motors.

This page is here for archival purposes only; please visit the above link for our current Z-Wave controller ...

ZWAVE motor control for motorized blinds, shades, drapes, window openers and skylights, etc

FAQ: How do I use ZWAVE and Vera to control blind motors?

Our ZWAVE® motor control trigger module (DCC-ZWAVE-12R) can be used to operate our shade and blind motors, window and skylight openers, using our surface mount radio wall switches, and other interfaces.

In the previous articles we examined the basic operation of the Z-WAVE trigger module, used to control our motors. The final step in the configuration of this system is to assign the ZWAVE module to a home automation control hub, and we'll use the Vera product in this example.

ZWAVE setup on the Vera home automation is a relatively simple process, and it is a relatively standard procedure on any Z-wave hub.

Z-Wave Module Inclusion With Vera

The procedure for assigning a ZWAVE device to a Vera control system is known as 'inclusion', and it can be summarized in a few simple steps:

  • 1. Power up your ZWAVE device to be 'included'
  • 2. Place it within 3 ft. of the Vera hub
  • 3. Put Vera into 'inclusion' mode: Add Device > Other Devices > Z Wave Device

That's it, you're done! Vera will automatically detect the presence of the ZWAVE device waiting to be included, and it will be automatically registered - and the device-specific controls will appear in the 'Devices' area of the browser based user interface, ready to use.

Other ZWAVE hubs from other manufacturers may not 'auto-include' the device, and you may have to take the extra step of pressing the 'include' button on the ZWAVE module (beside the header connector).

If you are using our ZWAVE module to trigger our radio motor wall switch, no further adjustment is required, as the default 'relay on' time of about 1 second will work quite adequately.

Factory Re-set: If you need to re-set the ZWAVE trigger module, hold the setting button down for at least 5 seconds, then release it.

Z-Wave Control Module - Adjusting the Timing With Vera

If you are using our ZWAVE trigger module with our wired wall switch, there will be one further adjustment to make, in order to use the 'momentary' mode of wall switch. The relays in the ZWAVE module will have to be held on for the duration of the desired motor travel time.

In the Vera system this consists of adding 3 variables with the associated timing for each of the 3 control relays, and other hubs will have similar capabilities.

You add these variables by going to the 'properties' section of your ZWAVE relay module, in the picture below you can see the icon where you select the properties:

zwave motor requires extra variable properties

The next step is to move to the Device Options area:

zwave device options area

This brings up the screen where you actually enter the settings; we used an on-duration of 40 seconds, which is plenty of time for the window opener to travel full stroke. Choose the '1-byte-decimal' option:

zwave relay timing area

ZWAVE controller for blinds and shade motors can be purchased in our online store, click here to view in a new window

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We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!