sun shades can be motorized with remote control

sun shades can be motorized with remote control

FAQ: Sun shades: can they be motorized?

Sun shades can be motorized with one of our retrofit motors inserted into the roller tubing. We have a special 'mini' motor for retrofitting smaller sized tubing. You can also cut the shade material off and replace the roller tubing with a larger size that accepts a bigger motor.

You do not need to be an electrician to install our DIY 12v motors, and the low voltage DC is safe for children and adults.

Sun shades can also be installed with a dual roller system so that you can select different shade material, depending on light conditions and time of day. For example, you could switch between translucent and blackout blinds.

Our radio equipped motors use RF (Radio Frequency) signals for transmission of the remote control commands. A small antenna in the motor receives the control signal and on-board circuitry decodes the command and activates the motor.

This system is different from the infrared signal used on most television sets. The RF signal is not directional, so you do not have to point the remote at the roller shade or blind, and it is also capable of passing through walls, reaching almost anywhere inside a typical home. Our multi-channel remotes can be programmed to control sun shade motors in various different rooms and hallways throughout the house.

Our sun sensors and timers also have the same capability to control sun shades and blinds anywhere in a typical home. For more info, see our sun shade motors online:

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We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!