skylight shade motor system
Legacy Page Bulletin for ShadeSlider™ Motor Kit

New Custom Sizes for Our Motorized ShadeSlider™: We have had so many requests over the years for a kit that included the frame cut to a specific size that we decided to start producing them. We also had many requests for the ability to control it with Z-wave, so we are manufacturing a controller that does that too.

This page is here for legacy purposes only; here are the new links:

motorized remote control shade for bottom up window or skylight, with blackout options.

Z-Wave group controller for bottom-up window shades, skylight shades, 12v RV motorhome shades, blackout shades, window openers and regular custom blind motors.

Retractable skylight shades can be easily made with our ShadeSlider™ remote control skylight and bottom-up window shade components for residential and commercial applications. It can be operated with our standard multi-channel hand held remotes, and from our standard RF wireless wall switches, and by phone, tablet or PC with our BroadLink™ hub. We also have Z-wave interfaces.

Available now, the radio controlled ShadeSlider™ sytem has a low power, very energy efficient 12v motor, and you can also order it with our built-in battery motors (with solar charging option).

The unit shown in the video above is about 5' x 8', with soft start LED strip lighting installed on each side. It is a highly scalable solution, and the entire unit runs on 12 volts DC and can be solar and/or battery powered.

We also provide 110/220 AC power supplies for our 12v wired power motors. The battery motors can be charged with optional AC chargers and/or solar panels.

Ideal for use with cellular shade material from our Custom Shade Division, here is a feature summary:

  • Works at any angle, including vertical or horizontal
  • Very scalable design handles covering requirements for large skylights
  • Compatible with our multi-channel hand held or wall mount wireless remotes
  • Battery motors have special low standby circuitry for low power/solar applications
  • 12v wired power motors are compatible with battery backup with RV, marine, car, or motorcycle battery

There are also commercial and industrial applications for this motorized system: instead of pulling a blind or shade, you could mount a tube with one of our battery motors in it (doesn't need any wires), and use it as an automated feeder for dipping tanks: powder coating, small anodizing runs, paint dipping tanks, Plasti Dip® tools and anything else that needs a hook transport mechanism and/or automated dipping tank system.

For more info about the ShadeSlider™ please see these detailed instructions about how we built one: skylight shade motor component instructions.

The ShadeSlider™ components are available for purchase in our online store: skylight shade motor components

We also sell light filtering (translucent) and blackout cellular fabrics on our custom shade website.

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!