window blind motors for home automation?

window blind motors for home automation?

FAQ: Can Rollertrol™ shade & blind motors be controlled by home automation systems?

Yes, remote control Rollertrol™ window shade and blind motors can be operated with stand alone web server hubs such as Vera™ and Veralite™ home automation systems using Z-Wave. Vera™ and Veralite™ are very flexible home automation controllers that run as a web server on your local lan and wifi network. Operate blinds and other devices with any web enabled device via the browser (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops) and any operating system (Windows, Apple, Linux, etc).

Interested in the Raspberry Pi? If so, check out our new article series we are developing about using the Node-RED visual design program (with Alexa™) for blind control and window openers ...

Please Note: the hand held remotes also continue to function with this system, and you can have more than one remote assigned to the same motor(s).

Our radio equipped motors use RF (Radio Frequency) for transmission of the remote control signal. A small antenna in the motor receives the control signal and a microprocessor then uses the decoded signals to activate the motor.

This system is different from the infrared signal that you may be familiar with that is used on most television sets. Unlike infrared, the RF signal is not directional, so you do not have to point the remote at the roller shade or blind.

The RF signal is also capable of passing through walls and in many cases can reach anywhere inside a typical home. Our multi-channel remotes have up to 14 channels that can be programmed to control blind motors in various different rooms and hallways throughout the house.

For more info, see these multi-channel RF remote control products in our online store:

ZWAVE interface

List of All Radio Motors that work with Vera™, HomeSeer™ and other zwave hubs

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!