Raspberry Pi Shade and Blind Motor Control
  Bulletin - NEW RM4 Pro Version (with Alexa & Google Home) 

This is just a quick note to let you know we have the new Broadlink RM4 Pro available, with a new article series with details about skylight and awning window motors, motorized blind control, and the Roku Streaming system (with Alexa):

Using the new RM4 Pro with Alexa for Home Theater & Blind Control

Mermet® Custom Shades: Our DIY shade and blind motor kits are popular, but for those of you wanting a more complete solution, we are now offering high quality shade and blind fabrics from Mermet® and Rollease®, mounted on standard tubing, with hem bar. Our automated remote control shade motors just slide in and lock in place - no fuss no muss! Please check our Custom Blinds and Shades website for info.

Control of Home Theater

We purchased a 4k projector you see here, and the focus of this article explains how to control everything associated with a home theater system.

We unpacked the box, and put the projector onto our coffee table, and we were very pleased to see the gorgeous 4k picture. We made no adjustments to the picture as it already seemed perfect to us.

The Benq HT3550 projector is a great choice for a 4K projector, but we have had this unit for several years, so there may be some better units available.

We have been using Benq projectors for many years of great viewing pleasure, upgrading every few years to the latest model (this is our 5th unit from Benq).

We did not adjust the color because in cinema mode we found that the picture was essentially perfect. Please read on to see how we set up the home theater room ...

You can also set up a home theater unit with the Raspberry Pi, but we used one of our laptops:

control blackout blinds, lights, window openers and many other devices with Alexa™ (opens in a new tab).