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Electric Awning Windows Offer Effortless Operation

Adrian Biffen, Senior Partner

Awning window motors allow them to open and close with the touch of a button. This removes the need to manually hand crank the window open by hand, which can be difficult for some homeowners. Motors allow for easy operation of even large windows at the push of a button. If you have ever wanted a new motorized system, please keep reading this article.

They have hinges at the top, which takes most of the load, so our lightest actuator (20 lb lift) can be used with a motor control package, and very light skylights and small skylights. For heavy skylights we have powerful openers that can lift 60+ pounds.

The voltage is 12v DC, and none of our motors have any shock hazard. We also have 120 volt AC to DC power supplies, so if a transformer is required we have you covered.

Here are our automatic remote controls:

5 channel remote control

Motors are available in a variety of standard features, such as adjustable stroke length (knob) to control how far the window opens (these have IRC code compatibility). Low profile designs blend seamlessly into existing window hardware. Built-in rain sensors can tell if it's raining and automatically stop and close the window.

These opener units are also "obstruction sensitive", but nevertheless have enough power to to crush fingers, so please be careful how you use them.

We also have a low-cost hub that can "memorize" RF and IR commands - with this controller you can control your blackout blinds and your TV.

Customization of Window Stroke and Housings is Possible

If you need something special, please ask about it on our contact form (picture shown below). We can do custom strokes and customize motor dimensions in our factory. We have adjustable strokes that meet IRC code requirements of 4 inch (100mm).

Key Takeaways:

  • Electric motors allow windows to open and close automatically at the push of a button, providing convenience and ease of use.
  • DIY window openers are available for straightforward installation by homeowners.
  • With basic tools and following instructions, homeowners can upgrade existing windows to have powered operation.
  • Automated windows with motors allow for remote operation and scheduling of window openings.
  • Motors give homeowners more control over ventilation, security, energy efficiency in their homes.
  • Though more expensive initially, motors for windows are an investment in long-term home automated operation and comfort.
  • Overall, electric motors effectively automate the opening and closing of windows when installed properly with DIY kits.

Sleek and Modern Design

Electric window openers feature a sleek, modern design. Streamlined motor units are designed to integrate directly into the window frame itself for a flush, seamless look. Stainless steel chain construction gives a modern aesthetic while also being extremely durable.

Because the motor units are so compact and discreet, they don't detract from the window's appearance. Their low profile design allows them to be added while maintaining the original window's aesthetics.

motorized awning windows

Whole Home Automation and Control

Window and casement motors can be tied into whole home automated systems for total home control. This allows windows to be opened or closed from a central home control panel or even remotely from a smartphone. Either way, the RF remote signal can penetrate stick & sheet-rock walls, and most people find that they can control window openers from anywhere in a typical home (when equipped with remotes).

Automatic rain sensors close windows if a storm comes up and you're concerned about preventing water damage in your home.

Thermostat Control

You can also hook up to a thermostat for temperature control. We have 12 volt thermostat units that can be interfaced with our remote control actuators.

12 volt thermostat with constant temperature settings

Retrofit Kits for Existing Windows

Electric windows are available as retrofit conversions for installing in existing windows. These allow homeowners to upgrade existing manual windows without having to replace whole window units.

Kits come complete with everything needed for installation, like the motor unit, power supply, and control switches or remotes. Built-in sensors maintain the window's full functionality. Connecting to an existing home system is also possible with compatible conversion kits. The remote is a standard at 5 channel, but we also have 15 channels.

Special Units for Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

12v motors for single hung windows (mirrored)We manufacture special openers for single and double-hung vertical slider windows, with or without remote control. Note that these are always custom units due to stroke requirements.

Please note that our mirrored sliders for vertical single-hung or double-hung windows are also always manufactured to specification, but you may only need a single unit on one side, if your window moves freely.

These 12 volt low-voltage actuators can raise or lower your windows to whatever height you need. The remote control units can also be tied into our 12v thermostats, if you want temperature regulation in the room.

The units on either side of the picture are actually quite hard to see because they are purposely made to blend in with the window.

See the section (below) about the availability of different colors, if you want housings to be painted in the factory.

Reliable and Durable

Motor units are made to be extremely durable and reliable. The stainless steel flex chain construction resists corrosion and withstands wear and tear. Since there are minimal moving parts, there is less that can break or require maintenance.

Power systems usually continue to be normally operated even during short power outages thanks to optional backup batteries.

Window Motors Are Available in Different Colors

low voltage window motors come in different colorsYou can also have different colors of the housing; here are the different colors that are available: blue, silver, yellow, red, black.

Please note that if you need custom colors, it takes longer for our factory to paint them, otherwise they come in bare brushed aluminum.

The brushed aluminum housing also accepts spray paint, if you want to spray paint your housings yourself to get a perfect color match.

Window powered motors are designed to be easy to install right out of the box. All necessary mounting hardware and components are included in window kits for hassle-free installation.

The product description includes control switches and remotes that come pre-programmed and ready to connect right to the motor unit.

Basic skills are all that's required to get the system up and running.

Easy to Install

We suggest 16 gauge lamp cord on the DC side of the power supply is a good choice because it comes in different colors, to match your decor. No wiring is necessary if you are using our built-in battery motors because they are wireless and only need occasional charging.

You can have different colors too, such as an optional white cover; please use our contact form for more information.

Provides Natural Ventilation

Window powered motors make it easy to harness the benefits of natural ventilation. The window operator can be opened partially or fully at the touch of a button to let in fresh outdoor air, with full remote control windows.

Optional thermostats and rain sensors allow the windows to remain open just the right amount to naturally cool and ventilate a home without compromising comfort or allowing in rain. This sustainable living feature regulates temperature and air quality naturally.

Adds Value and Convenience

Motorized windows and skylights are an attractive feature for many homeowners. The convenience and ease of use they allow adds value and appeal. Their sleek look and quiet operation enhances the beauty and function of windows.

The ability to tie window operation into home automation systems is also appealing to tech-savvy homeowners. Automated windows make homes more modern, comfortable, and convenient places to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to add motors to a window?

A: To motorize a window means to add a motor system that allows the window to be opened and closed automatically, without the need for manual operation.

Q: Can the motors be used with other windows or skylights?

A: Yes, our chain actuators come in various lift capacities and can be used with other windows and skylights. We also have special "sliders" that can be used for single-hung windows and double-hung windows.

Q: What is a skylight opener?

A: A skylight opener is a device that is used to open and close skylights or roof windows. The motor operator can be controlled remotely.

Q: Is any special preparation required to install the powered window opener?

A: No, no special preparation is required to install the powered opener. It can be easily retrofitted onto windows.

Q: Can I control the motors with a remote control?

A: Yes, an RF remote control allows you to open and close the windows with ease.

Q: Are insect screens compatible with the motorized window opener?

A: Yes, the motor control is designed to work with insect screens, allowing you to enjoy fresh air while keeping insects out.


Electric motors are an effective way to automate windows to open and close (or vents) with the push of a button. Compared to manual crank windows, windows powered by small motors provide convenience and ease of use.

Installing a DIY window with an electric motor is a relatively straightforward home improvement project. With basic tools and following the manufacturer's instructions, homeowners can upgrade their windows to have powered operation. This allows windows to be opened or closed remotely as a function of temperature.

Automated awning windows with electric motors give homeowners more control over their home's ventilation, security, and energy efficiency. Though electric window motors cost more initially, they can be a worthy investment for the automated operation and comfort they provide. With proper installation and maintenance, electric motors can reliably power windows for years of automatic convenience.

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