iot internet of things: sensors, motor control

iot internet of things: sensors, motor control

FAQ: Are your motors IoT compatible?

The Internet of Things (IoT) was high on our list when we designed the NodeSwitch™ and GrowerNode™ remote control systems (with sensing) for residential and commercial applications. We program everything using the Python programming language, which has been hugely successful due to its user-friendly nature, and we think it's a great way for hobbyists and interested individuals to start working with IoT devices.

Our mission is to produce a series of user-friendly products that can be deployed to do useful things by anyone with common sense and a practical mind. We are developing a series of sensing and control products that will take the mystery out of microprocessor control systems, much like the Arduino ecosystem has.

Our systems are easily monitored and controlled over the Internet, and we also use digital radio protocols, such as Z-Wave.

Summary of features:

  • Z-Wave & WiFi control of motors for blinds, skylights, shades, drapes, window openers, etc.
  • Radio compatibility with our ISM multi-channel remotes
  • 12v DC operation is perfect for solar photo-voltaic applications
  • Easy battery backup (car, motorcycle, marine, RV or Li battery)

With its own dedicated programmable CPU, the controller is capable of making decisions based on input sensing, time, or other data. Nodes can run programmed scripts, and/or execute commands sent from a multi-channel hand held remote control. For more information and technical details, please visit our NodeSwitch™ blind, shade, LED, window and skylight motor controller page.

Using the BroadLink™ hub, or our Z-wave interface, you can also control your system from any web enabled phone, tablet, PC and/or voice control systems such as Alexa.

Automate blinds, shades, LED lighting, window openers, skylight motors, door locks, driveway gates, security systems or anything else you need to control.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!