motorized window blind mounting brackets
  Bulletin - 3 Levels of Blind, Shade, & Window/Skylight Control 

remote control blinds, shades, window/skylight openersLevel 1 - RollerTrol™ Simple Remote Controls:
We designed our system so that you can start out with our simple multi-channel wall mount and hand held remotes for our shade/blind motors and skylight/window openers, then upgrade later to a more advanced system.

Many of our clients find that these simple remotes are all that is needed, but your investment is preserved regardless of any upgrade decision. Any remotes you purchase will continue to function, even if you upgrade to higher levels of automation later.

You can control individual motors with these remotes, create groups, and clone channels to other remotes for multiple control locations.

RF and IR blaster learns remote control signals for blinds, shades, window/skylight openersLevel 2 - BroadLink® RF-IR Blaster Automation Hub:
Here is a very easy phone app system that can 'learn' RF signals from our remote controls. Take a look at our very affordable new blind and shade hub, operated by Alexa and Google Home.

This system is very capable and may well be the only automation system you will ever need. Save a lot of $$$ and convert all your old phones and tablets into powerful WiFi home automation control consoles!

You can control individual motors with this hub, create groups, and clone channels to other remotes for multiple control locations.

Z-Wave conroller for bottom-up blinds, shades, window/skylight openers Level 3 - Z-Wave™ Control of Blinds & Window/Skylight Openers:
We are now manufacturing our Z-Wave controller that you can use with your favorite Z-Wave hub, such as Vera, Fibaro and Hubitat.

This is a single channel unit that can control many motors simultaneously; it cannot control motors individually. If you want to control each motor individually, you would need a Z-Wave controller for each motor (the BroadLink hub above can control motors individually).

Your controls and phone apps from Level 1 and Level 2 will continue to function with this system; for more information, please see our sister website here: Z-Wave interfacing (with Alexa) for motorized blinds, shades and window/skylight openers.

These instructions apply to this motor:

TMDP-12-25-15-32-R (12 lb lift capacity)

These Mounting Brackets Can Be Easily Installed

Please see the picture below to see how to install these mounting brackets. They are designed for use with industry standard 1.5 inch Rollease™ tubing.

You can power these motors with our AC/DC power supplies, plugged into grid power, or you can use a 12v battery (the KIT version comes with power supply).

Please Note: We often refer to a specification called AVAILABLE SPACE, which is defined as the TUBE LENGTH + BRACKET ALLOWANCE at each end. If you are mounting the blind or shade inside a window frame, the width of the frame IS THE AVAILABLE SPACE.

The IDLER at the end of the tube is spring loaded. The IDLER + BRACKET without any tension/pressure on the IDLER requires a space of 5/8". We suggest that you NOT compress the spring tension so that it does not put undue lateral tension on the motor bearings.

The TAB BRACKET that fits into the MOTOR HEAD requires 3/4" of additional space from the tube end.

The ideal overall BRACKET ALLOWANCE (both ends) is:

3/4" (MOTOR HEAD bracket) + 5/8" (IDLER + bracket) = 1 3/8"

This would mean that your TUBE LENGTH should be 1 3/8" less than your total AVAILABLE SPACE.

Put another way, our standard calculation would be this:



We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!