auto-off digital multimeters with audible short circuit testing

auto-off digital multimeters with audible short circuit testing

FAQ: Do you have auto-off digital multimeters with audible continuity testing to help install your Rollertrol™ shade & blind motors?

When we went looking for a digital multimeter for bench testing our blind motors and related circuitry, there were three 'must have' features we wanted: auto-off, audible continuity testing, and large readable digits for the LCD display.

There is nothing more frustrating when you need to check something in a hurry, only to find that you left your meter on and the batteries are dead! An auto-off feature on a digital multimeter is a very helpful thing.

We also do a lot of continuity testing and short circuit detection, particularly when we are making prototype Arduino printed circuit boards (PCB). Having an audible beep or tone sound when checking for shorts is also a very helpful feature because you can keep your eyes focussed on the unit you are testing instead of continually having to look at the meter.

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auto-off digital multimeter with beep for short circuit testing It used to be that you could only get these features on high end multimeters, but at $34, here's a unit that does it all at a price that won't break the bank. In fact they are so affordable, we bought 4 of them and put one at every testing station so that we don't have to move them around.

The TE-DMM-12v digital multimeter is value priced, yet it has a full set of test capabilities and features for just about any electrical measurement:

  • auto-off saves battery
  • unit will beep and illuminate bright red light when testing for continuity
  • Large LCD display with high accuracy
  • max LCD display: 1999
  • high sensitivity of 100 μV
  • auto-overrange indication with "1" displayed
  • automatic polarity indication on DC ranges
  • full overload protection
  • Built-in stand
  • Measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, temperature, frequency, transistor gain, diode characteristics
  • Sample and Hold for highest value reading
  • Power Supply: 9V battery (included - works out of the box)
  • Size:186mm x 86mm x 33mm, Weight: 380g

buy auto-off digital multimeters with audible short circuit testing in our store

Auto-Off DMM Specifications:

Function Range Accuracy Resolution
DC Vol. 200mV +-(0.5%+3d) 0.1mV
2v+-(0.8%+2d) 1mV
20v 10mV
200v 0.1V
1000v +-(0.8%+4d) 0.5V
AC Vol. 200mV +-(1.2%+5d) 0.1mV
2V+-(1.0%+5d) 1mV
20V 10mV
200V 0.1V
750V +-(1.2%+5d) 0.375V
AC Amp. 2mA+-(2.0%+3d) 0.001mA
20mA 0.01mA
200mA +-(2.0%+5d) 0.1mA
20A +-(3.0%+10d) 10mA
DC Amp. 2mA+-(1.0%+5d) 0.001mA
20mA 0.01mA
200mA 0.1mA
20A +-(2.0%+10d) 10mA
Resistance 200 +-(1.0%+10d) 0.1
2K +-(1.0%+4d) 1
20K 10
200K 100
2M 1k
20M +-(1.0%+5d) 10k
200M +-(5.0%+20d) 100k
Capacitance 20nF+-(4.0%+5d) 0.01nF
200nF 0.1nF
2µF 1nF
20µF 10nF
200µF +-(5.0%+10d) 100nF
(* optional probe)
(** internal)
* -50 to 400 °C +- 3 °C 1 °C
* 400 to 1000 °C +- 15 °C 1 °C
** 0 to 40 °C +- 2 °C 1 °C
Frequency 200 KHz +-(1.0% +-1d) 100Hz
Diode Forward current:1mA(Approx); Reverse voltage:2.8V

We sincerely hope you enjoy using this practical, affordable test equipment; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!