battery motors with remote control for blinds and shades require no wiring

battery motors with remote control for blinds and shades require no wiring

FAQ: Are your motors battery operated?

All our motors run on 12 volts DC (safe for kids and adults) and can be backed up by battery operation if the AC system fails, or run entirely on battery.

Some of our customers install a large closed cell RV battery in a central location with a trickle charger or solar panel hooked up.

Others conceal a small rechargeable battery up behind the valance, near the motor.

If you prefer, the battery can also be located somewhere else, for easy charging (use standard lamp cord to extend the wiring).

Battery Powered Motor: No Wires Needed!

12v window/skylight openers with battery wandWe also have a battery operated series where the rechargeable battery is separate from the motor housing itself.

These units run for many months without needing a recharge, and can even be completely autonomous if you install the USB charger (comes with the battery).

We currently have these sizes available:

The 'Standard' series of battery powered motors which can be used for installations (12 lb - 5.5 Kg lift):

standard blind motor starter kit

The 'Maxi' series of motors which can be used for heavy duty installations (45 lb 20 kg lift):

heavy duty blind motor

Here is a list of all starter kits, and accessories:

starter kits and accessories

Our Battery Motors are Future Proofed

All our battery motors use our radio control system with multi-channel remotes (individual or group control of blinds and shades). These are very easy systems to set up and operate. We have also 'future proofed' these systems in that you can later extend your system and use any web-enabled device (phone, tablet, PC) to control your shades and other devices.

The remote control signals will be 'learned' and used by the higher levels of automation (see our blind & shade automation guide).

You can use our shades and window openers with any z-wave hub: Hubitat, Vera, Fibaro, etc.

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!