roller shade motors for very tall windows

roller shade motors for very tall windows

FAQ: I want to install a 10' high shade on my greenhouse window. Will your motors handle this type of installation?

Our tubular motors for shades and blinds use electronic pulse counters to determine the travel limits. You can set the travel limits wherever you want, and these motors are capable of unlimited turns between limits. This makes them very suitable for use with extra tall windows such as those found in greenhouses, atriums and entry portals.

Older style motors use mechanical limit switches triggered by a cam riding on a threaded rod, and this design restricts the maximum number of turns that the motor can have between travel limits. You also have to physically get up to the motor to adjust the travel limits, making it very difficult in situations where the window motor is placed high up in the wall.

Our radio motors are completely controllable with a multi-channel remote that can control many different shades. The travel limits are set by using the remote and you do not have to touch the shade motor at all. The settings are also very accurate because the motor is put into 'jog mode' which allows you to make very tiny adjustments to the position of the shade or blind when you set the travel limits.

Our larger motors are capable of lifting 12 lbs, so very large (and tall) shades can be accomodated. For more info, see our shade motor comparison table:

blind & shade motor comparison table

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!