control roller shade motors with 2 remotes

control roller shade motors with 2 remotes

FAQ: I bought an extra remote control for my radio-equipped motor, one for the entry with the wall holster and one for the coffee table. How can I operate one blind motor with two remotes?

Our radio equipped motors can be controlled by more than one multi-channel remote unit.

The first remote that has the motor assigned to it becomes the 'primary' remote and is also used to also set motor direction and travel limits.

A second remote control can also be assigned to become an auxilliary or 'secondary' remote. This secondary remote can raise, lower and stop the blind, but cannot be used to set motor direction or travel limits. Additional remotes can also be added as secondary controllers, although it is unusual to have more than 2 remotes per blind.

No two remotes use the same transmission encoding; this eliminates interference issues. Therefore, if you use more than 1 remote, each additional secondary remote has to be 'paired' with the motor in just the same way as the original primary was. The microprocessor memory inside the motor is capable of 'remembering' and decoding the transmission bit pattern of more than one remote.

For more info, see the instructions for programming multi-channel remote controls:

programming motors used with multi-channel remote controls for blinds

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!