motorized vent or window opener

RollerTrol™ Skylight and Window Openers: Our window and skylight openers are very unobtrusive, blending well with your decor as there are no exposed rods or levers. The chain emerges at right angles from the housing to form a semi-rigid arm that will open a window or skylight. These units also work with our blind and shade motor remotes and automation systems. We have interfaces available for almost any type of automation protocol, not just our own preferred BroadLink® RF-IR blaster controller hub (with RF and IR learning capabilities).

Turn all your old phones and tablets into powerful WiFi home automation controllers with the BroadLink® system!

If you want to take it even further and add support for Alexa®, take a look at the Node-RED visual design system for home automation. Built into the Raspberry Pi operating system, it is a very rapid way to control blinds and build a home automation system that runs on any platform (Raspberry Pi included) and supports literally hundreds of devices, including our blind motors and skylight/window openers via the BroadLink® plug-in.

12v window openersAlthough they do not have built-in batteries, our 12v window openers can be battery powered with an external 12v battery with a trickle charger and/or solar panel. They use the same safe, low voltage technology as our blind and shade motors to open and close your windows, and they are also available with wireless remote control.

The flex chain simply emerges from the housing in a straight line and pushes the window open, and it is easy to adapt these chain drive units to most types of windows because they do not need to rotate in any way like hinged units do. The stroke is also adjustable: 4" (100mm), 8" (200mm), 10" (250mm), 12" (300mm).

It should be noted that window and skylight openers can be dangerous to children and adults as they normally have a considerable amount of force that is used to draw the window closed and provide security. There is more than enough force to crush fingers of small children and/or cause injury to adults, pets, or other animals.

For skylights and other applications, you can use our standard series 12 volt electric window opener for controlling vents, large windows, shutters and any other item you would like to move with a motorized actuator. It can be controlled by a simple switch, or with our optional remote controls. The unit can exert a push/pull force of approximately 20 lbs before the obstruction sensor will stop it.

electric window opener installation example - awning typeThe linear chain actuator pushes straight out from the fixed housing which lines up unobtrusively with your window frame, fastened in place with mounting screws. Attach the end of the chain actuator to the window with two screws and you're done!

Use it to control the motion of anything you want, including windows, greenhouse vents, etc. The internal electronics provide motor overload cutoff and travel limit stops.

These can also be used with any z-wave hub or relay contact closure system.

Care should be exercised when these units are installed where adults or children could get fingers caught in a closing window - serious injury could result. Use of insect screens can help eliminate this possibility.

We sincerely hope you enjoy using these advanced motors; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!