Blind Motor-radio, 45lb lift, P Series

The 'Maxi' series P - 12 volt DC, 45 lb lift (22 Kg) when using 2.5" Rollease style O.D. tube, with radio. For use with our multi-channel remote control systems.

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Our "MAXI" series P model: 45 lb lift (20 Kg) when using 2.5" Rollease style O.D. tube, see bracket detail here. Programming instructions for remote control blind motors are here.

  • includes motor, tube adapters and hanging brackets
  • control type: radio, can use any of our multi-channel remote controls
  • BLACK STRIPE is positive
  • lift capacity with standard adapters: 45 lb lift (~20 Kg) with 2.5" O.D. tube
  • torque: 10 Nm
  • speed: 9 rpm
  • nominal voltage: 12 v DC (safe for children and adults)
  • maximum current draw: 4 amp @ 12v DC
  • max turns in one direction: unlimited
  • upper/middle/lower limits: 'learning type', set by remote control
  • noise level: 38db
  • net weight: 1.8 kg - 4 lb
  • made for industry standard 2.5" Rollease® OD tubing: YES
  • can use generic round tubing with smooth inside wall: YES
  • minimum tube length: 28" (71 cm)
  • maximum tube length: unlimited
  • ingress protection: IP44
  • duty cycle: 10 min
  • tested life: 30,000+ cycles

PLEASE NOTE: Whether it is blind motors or window/skylight openers, you do not need to be concerned with high voltage shocks because these units are operated on a low voltage of 12v DC (no shock hazard), using an AC/DC power supply (or 12v DC battery). It is good practice to connect your AC line as close to the 12v DC motor as possible, and to keep the DC line as short as possible, using at least lamp cord (16 gauge) wire for the 12v DC line. You can also use your car battery to test them.



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