DIY Drapery & Curtain Motor Kit 2 - 12v DC Radio Motor

Kit#2: drapery and curtain motor kit for motorized opening and closing of drapes and curtains. Remote control, 12v convenience. Can be used with all types of curtain rails and rods, perfect for retrofit.

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This drapery motor kit uses our radio equipped 12v DC motors (AC power supply and 5 channel remote provided) that utilize RF (Radio Frequency) for transmission of the remote control signal. A small antenna in the motor receives the control signal and an onboard microprocessor then uses the decoded signals to activate the motor.


  • very affordable
  • very easy to install
  • robust, with a long life
  • operation is very quiet
  • compatible with 12v LED lighting systems.
  • unobtrusive, without a visual impact on the room.
  • green, with very low power consumption
  • adaptable, can be used with any type of curtain track or rod
  • compatible with our extended internet remote control system for phones, tablets, PC
  • ZWAVE group controller also available

The drapery kit comes with the 12v DC motor pre-mounted with sprocket and mounting brackets, which are easily screwed to an adjacent wall. It works well with just about any off-the-shelf track or rod you can buy, if you are starting from scratch.

You can use nylon cord or bead chain to attach to the first curtain hanger, then run it back to the motor, and around a drive sprocket (provided) on top of the motor. It then runs down the length of the rail or rod, around an idler sprocket that you have mounted at the other end (sprocket and mounting bracket provided). It finally attaches to the first hanger, same as the other end of the cord.

If you can drill a hole and tighten a bolt, you can do this. Here are the instructions.

List of Contents:

  • 1 x remote control 12v motor
  • 1 x 5 ch remote control, compatible with our other radio motors & controllers
  • 1 x motor, drive sprocket & bracket assembly (with motor installed)
  • 1 x idler sprocket and mounting bracket
  • 2 amp AC/DC power supply

Please note that if you need bead chain, it is available by the foot.


  • Overal Length: 14 inch (35 cm)
  • Top View: 3 inch x 3 inch (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm)



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