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I have 4 (and planning for 3 more) G series motors+blinds. All of them working well with the provided remote.

I also bought the RF transmitter and z-wave trigger module shown here:

Got this working with SmartThings w/ z-wave device type being "Aeon Motor Controller":

While doing the Z-Wave/SmartThings integration, I realized that the Z-Wave device can only represent ONE channel, and hence one motor (in my setup, as I do want all the motors on different channels, and do not want to group these). This is *severely* limiting my home automation setup :( Sigh. It seems I need to buy 1 pair of (RF transmitter+Z-Wave trigger module) for EACH of my motors, for independent control. That will be a pretty expensive setup!

I was hoping to tap into the collective wisdom of this list, to come up with a cheaper way to multiplex and control N motors independently.

Any suggestions/ideas?

Thanks in advance!

ps: fwiw I am fairly hands-on with soft/hardware, so open to any DIY solutions (it just needs to be order of magnitude cheaper than the present alternative of buying N transmitter+z-wave triggers :-)

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