Z-Wave Group Control Kit - Series G Motors & Receivers

RollerTrol™ Z-Wave group control kit for G series reversing motors. Use this ZWAVE shade and blind motor control kit with any Z-Wave hub, such as Vera, SmartThings, Wink, Homeseer, etc. PLEASE NOTE: This item is no longer available, but we have a new version coming soon, with enhanced capabilities; click for details.

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PLEASE NOTE: This kit is currently unavailable but will soon be replaced by our new Z-Wave relay trigger module, with enhanced capabilities. Our series G group transmitter is still available, and can be triggered by a relay module with 3 relays for OPEN/STOP/CLOSE actions.

You can also use the BroadLink hub for direct control of our motoors.For more information, please see our article series about motor control with Alexa:

Using Alexa and BroadLink to control Window Blinds, Window Openers, and many other devices


Legacy Info:

This versatile unit can be used to control a group of Series G radio REVERSING motors, including shade and blind motors, and our ShadeSlider and CurtainCloser kits. It can also be used with our window and skylight openers, if you include our external receiver (DCG-1R-RFR):

You can also continue to use any of our existing G series wall mount and hand held remotes you may already have.

If you are programming these units, the low level commands are:

  • Open: 0x26 0x01 0xFF
  • Middle/Stop: 0x26 0x04 0xFF
  • Close: 0x26 0x01 0x00



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