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OK, then I've got it.  Thanks.

I am wiring a 2-ch DCC-2W-RF wall switch using the wiring bundle from a DCC-ZWAVE-12R motor controller, connecting the wires to the pushbutton switches on the CB.  My question is whether there is a normal, preferred routing for the wires through the back of the wall switch unit.  I can see three possible routes but would rather follow the lead of someone who is has done this or is otherwise familiar with the usual practice.  Thanks.

Hi @lacoleman, thanks for your feedback, that is good to know. I think you may be using our older series R motors; our newer G series have a finer jog function.

Regards, Adrian

You are right.  I am using the R-series.

I fully agree with all, plus Adrian was so tactful in helping when I did the most incredibly boneheaded things.

In my black-out shade setup for my home theater the travel limits are quite critical. In fact they are critical enough that I usually have to try several times to set the limit properly because the jog shift is too large.  For one of my limits a precision of about 1/4" is necessary whereas the jog shift built into the motor software is several times that. 
     So if I needed to set just one of the limits, I did not want to have to fiddle around with the other one too.  I discovered that you can work with just the one limit that needs changing by doing the following:
   1 - Make sure the shade is already at the limit that you do NOT want to change.
   2 - Go into "limit set" mode as usual
   3 - Without moving the shade, press the CONFIRM button.  The motor will beep as usual.
   4 - Now, set the other limit - the one you wanted to change in the first place - as usual.  When you CONFIRM the new limit, the motor will change out of programming mode as normal.

If I could change the jog shift, I would do that.

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