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Tubular Motors: General Discussion / skylight shades
« on: March 13, 2015, 12:09:01 PM »
Hi, I have been lurking around your website for a while reading and contemplating weather or not this system is right for me.
I looked at home depot and lowes and they dont have a motorized skylight blind system. they have other motorized system that are for regular windows, but thats not what i need.

I have 3 skylight windows in my house, one in the bedroom and two in the attic space where I have a home office.
All of the windows are at an incline of about 45 degrees.  After looking at the video I see that you built a custom frame that holds the motor and the blind.  Is that something that I can build easily enough and then mount it on window and will it work in my scenario where the window is at the 45 degree incline ?


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