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Voltage, polarity, wire size, etc. / New design help requested
« on: September 04, 2016, 08:09:40 AM »
I have a clerestory with 14 windows that are about 48" wide x 18" tall. The middle two on the front and back are awning type operable and I'd like to make these motorized and connect them and the ceiling fan to the upstairs thermostat (Ecobee or WiserAir) and also have the ability to open them via a remote control. They need not be operated separately. One signal would open & close all four.

I have a few questions about parts and wiring to accomplish this.
Does the kit come with a 120VAC - 12VDC transformer?
I assume the window kit is an actuator plus a motor controller. Is that right and would I then need one kit, three more add-on acuators and one remote?
Do I simply wire all four actuators in parallel to the one motor controller?
Is it possible to connect the motor controller to my thermostat's A/C circuit? (The house has no A/C, only FAU heat).
If I also want to trigger the windows to open when the kitchen stove vent is turned on (it has a trigger output), are there any other parts needed?

Many thanks!

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