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Tubular Motors: General Discussion / Picking the right items...
« on: December 23, 2015, 10:53:40 AM »

I'm in the hunt for some motors to automate the lifting of 4 existing (manual) roller shades in one room. I'm interested in self-contained battery powered units since I don't want to run wires. Per your instructions, I have worked out the approximate weight of my shades as 0.5kg, 1.36kg, 0.5kg, and 1.5kg. Some questions:

- Would your TMDG-12-16-03-50-RB motor be appropriate for all four of the shades? Will I need to measure the ID and OD of my existing roller shade tubes?

- I also want to order a wall mounted timer based remote control for these shades. Since all 4 shades will always be going up and down together, can I purchase your 1 Channel G Series timer controller MCGT-1W-RF, and have all 4 motors on the same channel?

- Do your motors come with the charging adapter or do I need to order that separately?

- How often will I be charging the motors based on opening and closing the shades 2x per day?

- How long does it take to fully charge each unit?

- How will I know that the motors are running low on battery? Is there a visual indicator of some kind?

Many thanks for your help with this project!

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