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How to Set Up a Home Theater System
and Get The Room Back When Finished

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control hub with phone apps learns all remote control blackout blinds and system functions

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We did not want to have a dedicated media room, so we decided to convert our comfortable great room into a home theater for watching Netflix®, Blu-ray Disc®, and other streaming sources. Our system deploys a large screen projection system, with a powerful 8 channel Dolby® surround sound system.

When not in use, the blackout blinds on the windows and the large theater screen retract, restoring the room to normal use for family and guests.

We also use this system for presentation of business proposals and staff training as it is a great way for people to sit comfortably and watch the big screen, instead of trying to cluster around a small video monitor. It can be quite a dramatic and impressive demonstration to show your guests how the room is quickly converted into a theater at the touch of a button (or voice command).

We'll be covering all aspects of our system - including the room darkening motorized blackout blinds, the projector and screen, the 8 channel sound system, etc.

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