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One more thing.  I noticed at the bottom it says "Flash the Latest Firmware!"  I wonder if it won't let me do anything with it until I update the firmware and that is why everything is greyed out?  Looking at the RFXmgnr user manual I can see not everything is greyed out like it is with mine. 

See attached screenshot of what it looks like for me..

Ok I am back.  I have been doing some research and since I have UI7 on my Vera I see that things are a little different then they were with the UI5 which you wrote the guide for.  So I am having to wrap my head around all this. 

In the meantime I figured just to make sure my RFXcom (not the E version) that I purchased from you directly is working ok from the Windows RFXmgr program to control the rollertrol motor I have setup.  I found this out from the forum thread below that you responded in.,31372.0.html

In that thread the user said he couldn't get all the commands to work in Vera and it was discovered that a firmware flash to his RFXcom was needed.  I am having an issue that when I plug in my RFXCOM to my windows computer and load the RFXmgr app I can connect to the RFXcom just fine but I can't do anything with it?  Everything is greyed out.  I can't click any of the tabs or do anything??? 

Can you tell from the attached message I get when I connect to my RFXcom unit what is the issue?

See below..

Reset receiver/transceiver
Get Status
Packettype        = Interface Message
subtype           = Interface Response
Sequence nbr      = 1
response on cmnd  = Get Status
Transceiver type  = 433.92MHz
Firmware version  = 64
Firmware Type     = Type1
Transmit power    = -18dBm
Hardware version  = 1.0
Undec             off
X10               enabled
ARC               enabled
AC                enabled
HomeEasy EU       enabled
Meiantech         disabled
Oregon Scientific enabled
ATI               disabled
Visonic           disabled
Mertik            disabled
AD                disabled
Hideki            enabled
La Crosse         enabled
FS20/Legrand      disabled
ProGuard          disabled
BlindsT0          disabled
BlindsT1          disabled
AE                disabled
Rubicson          disabled
FineOffset        disabled
Lighting4         disabled
RSL               disabled
Byron SX          disabled
Imagintronix      disabled
KeeLoq            disabled
Home Confort      disabled
RFU2              disabled
RFU3              disabled
RFU4              disabled
RFU5              disabled
RFU6              disabled
RFU7              disabled

Flash the latest firmware!

Ok great.  Thanks again!  I will give the RFXTRX a try first since I already have it in my possession! :)

Thanks again for the quick response.  I will look into that.  In the meantime I was thinking about giving the RFXTRX unit a try since I already have it.  However my question/concern about that is that when I use the remote control for the one battery powered shade I have setup currently it will only work inside the room and maybe just outside the room but not very far.  I wonder if it is because the battery is getting low on the remote or that is just only how far the remotes will go?  My concern is my Vera is about another 25ft away from where the battery powered rollertrol shade is in another room.  I am wondering if the RFXTRX has a stronger transmit power then the remote so it would operate the motor that distance when the remote won't?

Thanks for the fast reply.  I understand the difference in the motors now. 

What I am still confused is does this Broadlink hub have any way to integrate with my Vera hub?  I would like to be able to run scenes on my Vera and have it open and Close the blinds, or just have the blinds show up on my Vera so I can press Open Close or Stop.  Please clarify.  Thanks.

Hi Adrian,

I was going to send an email with my questions but figured it would be better to post here publicly on your forum and that way if anyone else has the same questions they will see the answers here..

To start with I have a some of your radio motors from years back which I guess would mean they are older R series motors whereas the new ones are the G series?  What is exactly is the diff?

Next I have never gotten around to setting up the motors to operate from my Vera with UI7 but I'm finally ready to do that, but getting very confused with all the options.  I did order an RFXTRX way back but have never gotten around to setting that up and now not sure if I should be using that or something else?   Since I purchased the RFXTRX from you I see there is some other Z-Wave option you sell but confused what is the difference?

To further confuse me I found the page below just now..

I have been trying to wrap my head around this thing..  Will it work in conjunction with my Vera controller?  I would prefer to be able to operate everything from the one app on my phone and not have to use a seperate app just for operating the shades which from what I can read about this new inexpensive Broadlink automation hub it has it's own app and has nothing to do with Vera and doesn't have any way to work with Vera? 

Sorry for all the questions but once I wrap my head around all this I should be able to decide which way is best to go. 

Thanks for the info.  I will checkout Fabricland as they are here in Ontario also.  When you say you just use plain old vinyl where do you normally find vinyl?  Does it come in rolls, and do you cut it yourself or do you have it cut to the sizes you need? 

I managed to get the projector screen material I used as a temporary setup aligned and on straight just took a bit of time.  It's working good now. 

Thanks for the info Adrian.  If I get a chance to try a Harmony 900 RF remote and can get it to work I will let you know.  Since there are so many brands in the list I suppose it is possible that there is another manufacturers RF signal that is the same and would work. 

I will also look into the X10 options proposed as well...

Just wondering what you guys have ended up using for black out fabric?  I am still researching types and pricing and so far haven't found anything that was inexpensive by any means.  For my first motorized roller blind I used the screen material from an old manual projector screen which works well enough but it is black on the back side facing out and white on the inside.  The hardest part I found was trying to get the material lined up straight on the roller so that when it rolls up and down it is not skewing right or left. 

Any tips on what and where to buy for material would be appreciated.  I'm in Ontario, Canada by the way...

Just wondering if it is possible to program the Harmony 900 Universal RF remote to control these motors?  The Harmony 900 is basically the Harmony One remote with the addition of RF. 

Normally if you want to add a device to it you select the make/model of the device but I'm not sure what to select for that of course.  I am not sure if the Harmony 900 can learn RF commands or not? 

Any tips would be appreciated.

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