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Tubular Motors: General Discussion / Troubleshooting beeping motors
« on: October 01, 2015, 06:34:42 PM »
Hi Adrian,

I've a few shades in my house automated by RollerTrols, including one in my bedroom. This one is already running opening and closing the bedroom's shade (about 10' x 5') everyday for about 1+ year with no failure whatsoever... but this morning we woke up to a dark room and some chirps from the motor.

The blind is controlled by RFXtrx433 and we also have some manual remotes. The current position is closed and everytime we press the 'open' button (whether through RFXtrx or the RollerTrol's own remotes) it would just chirp/beep. Pressing 'close' doesn't make any sound/response from RollerTrol.

What is the problem? I couldn't find information on how to decipher beep codes on your site either.

Thanks in advance

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