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We do not make a multi-channel unit yet. If you have a lot of shades to operate, you might want to consider using our multi-channel radio motors. The hand held remotes can operate 14 separate channels (plus an ALL channel), and you can group as many as you like onto a single channel. You can also have multiple remotes in the same room that are controlling the same configuration. We also have 1 and 2 channel wall mounts remotes (wireless) that can be added to that same system (and timers, and sun sensors).

It's a new construction and all my 25+ windows are already pre-run with 16/2 stranded (speaker) wires. The ones that I knew will be in the group I looped the wires.  I was originally considering the radio motors but had couple of concerns:
If I understand correctly, there is always trickle charge with radio. If I connect all my 25+ windows that might add up...
Do the radio motors provide feedback? Say, would I know from Vera whether the blinds are open/close/half-closed?

I have 3 windows that I want to be in the group connected to the same universal motor interface.  Is this correct to assume that I can connect all the motors in series to the the 12vdc power on the motor interface?
Also, do you make any motor interface that can support more than one group?

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