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Awesome, all we should have to do is convince your wife that she needs this setup and we're in business.   ;)

I see, so it's a matter of analyzing the signal and finding out what is being sent so you can replicate it. Before my first post I was reading this post on Arduino Forum so I guess I was on the right track:

I'll keep checking your site and forum as I'm in no rush, I love the system the way it is and everybody I show it to can't believe how easy and affordable it is to accomplish. If you ever come up with a converter I'm first on the list to buy it.

I'm pretty sure the Harmony 900's RF frequency is fixed so that it can only talk to it's own base unit which then converts the signal ti IR to control the devices. I'm looking for a solution as well for my Harmony One. What we need is for Adrian to design an IR to RF converter that uses his frequency and codes. Problem is, he'd have to get unique IR codes that we can either learn on our Harmony remotes or make them available through the Harmony database. I guess there is not enough of a market for that to happen though.

Adrian, the X10 solution is valid but for us that went ahead with Radio controlled motors it is no longer an option, and quite frankly the RF motor option s by far the most elegant, it would just be nice if I could use my own remote to control them.

There are lots of IR to RF converters ou there. Seems to me that it shouldn't be hard to convert one to work for our frequencies, but I just don't have the know-how.

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