Relay Triggered Group Xmitter -R Motors

RollerTrol™ 1 channel wired RF remote control for relay control of radio motors and other devices, wall mount. Can also be used as up/down/stop for other motors via relay control. See our ZWAVE motor controller and our Wifi motor controller

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This versatile unit can be used in 2 different ways:

  • as a wall switch for controlling other motors (output mode)

There are 3 wires (plus black ground wire) leading out the back of the switch that are connected to the switch terminals inside the unit. These wires can go straight into the wall and not be visible from the room side.

This unit can be added to an existing system at any time, so you can start off with one of our simple starter kits.

If you leave the battery out, the switches can be used to control external relays, which in turn can control other devices. We call this "output" mode.

If you leave the button battery in, the exposed wires can be connected to other switches or relays to control our radio motors via RF signal - a perfect solution for interfacing our radio motors (wired or battery type) to an external home automation system. We call this "input" mode.

If configured for input mode, you can also still use the buttons to over-ride any external  inputs for controlling our radio motors - in other words, it still works just like our regular one channel remote control wall switch.

The internal button battery lasts for years because it is only used momentarily when the radio signal is transmitted.

You can also continue to use any of our existing remotes you may already have.



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